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iCare Café Charity Project

Getting ready for our iCare Café Charity Project

Part I

Showering our MKK Kindness Garden with lots of love, care and kindness daily.

Children are set on weekly routines to take care of our garden. Everyone plays an important role to provide a healthy environment for our café’s ingredients. Their duties range from watering the plants, picking up litter and plucking off the weeds.

Part II

Art & Craft for Auctioning

In the classroom, children brainstormed together with their teachers on what would they like to make so they can bring them home and raise funds at the same time.

Each item is either made from recycled or reusable materials. Their artwork is a combination of creativity and intentions to save the earth. PG -came up with bibs made of old clothes and towels.

N1- made colour pencil holders out of plastic milk bottles.

N2 -reused glass bottles and beautified it using colours and drawings.

K1- worked their magic on umbrellas and presented them with meaning and life.

Last but not least, the K2s had painted on the stone , which is their paper weight.

Part III

Preparation for iCare Café

The teachers did the first step of the preparation, we tried the selected healthy recipe and we planned and listed down the steps that children will execute.

After finalizing on the ingredients required, children helped to harvest the ingredients from our garden.

Announcement of the launch of our iCare Café!

We finally sent the announcement to our parents about the launch of our iCare Café, Sale of Mask Chains and the Live Auction.

Children work together in the making of the mask chains as well as the preparation and packaging all the food into the boxes and paper bag.

1) Mask Chains Making

Making of these mask chains required the children’s Aesthetic ability and It also developed their patterning and fine motor skills. They needed to have good eye hand coordination. 2)Food Preparation (i) Tea Bags Home Grown Blue Pea & Chrysanthemum Tea Bags and Home Grown mint with lemongrass Tea Bags. - Elegant, light and refreshing, our selection of tea bags will help you relax and unwind

(ii) Vegetarian Vietnamese Springroll. Gói Cuôn Vietnamese Fresh Summer Rolls with fresh herbs grown by the children

(iii) Bruschetta Italian antipasto consisting of grilled loaves with a hint of garlic, topped with olive oil, garden fresh tomatoes and basil which was tenderly cared for by the children.

Food packed and ready for delivery. Parents received their package and sent words of appreciation and encouragement “thanks for having this meaningful initiative and letting the kids to be part of it!” “This is a meaningful thing that the school is doing and it's a lot of commitment to keep doing it every year. So I so happy to support and grateful that the school is teaching the right values” “Our contribution is nothing compared to the effort that children and teachers have put in, thank you for organizing and letting the children be part of this meaningful project”

These words touched our hearts and it is also what kept us going each year.

It’s getting closer to the Live Auction Day and the children have been practicing their show and tell. They will introduce their art works and the story behind choosing each design.

Stay tuned!

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