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in the classroom,

Festive Activities - Chinese Calligraphy

The children experience writing calligraphy as part of their exposure to various cultures and festivities.

Unpack My Bag

Unpack My Bag is a routine that is built into the daily timetable of the children. The children are responsible for unpacking their bags, taking out their water bottles, milk bags, shower bags as well as sleeping bags. This instills a sense of independence in the children.



Making Yo-yo

In this activity, the children scoop sand into a balloon, using a plastic bottle as a funnel. After which, the balloon is tied up and becomes a Yo-yo that the children can manipulate and play around with. Filled up with sand, the density and malleability when pressing on the balloon gives the children exposure to different textures. 


In this cookery class, the children made a pizza where they made use of their fine motor skills, such as spreading and cutting. After the pizza was baked, they tasted there own creations. Look at all their big smiles! 

Focus time!

During this activity, the children explored what they can do with the paper rolls, plastic bottles and ice cream sticks. The children explored the activity by placing the ice cream sticks into the paper rolls and plastic bottles - doing so requires precision and focus. The children have also strengthened their fine motor skills through this activity.

Choose the right colour!

This activity, which involves speed, colour recognition as well as gross motor skills, provided the children with a fun and engaging experience. 

PHYSICAL Wellbeing

The children had some splashing fun together! Yay!

Water play enhances the fine and gross motor skills of the children, stimulating their sense of touch.

Emotional Wellbeing

As part of our Term 2 Theme: Animals, our N1 children got to roleplay as Zookeepers and Vets and "took care" of the animals in the zoo.

They enjoyed naming and petting the animals, as well as taking the animals for a check up!

PHYSICAL Wellbeing

We had so much fun in the Gunny Sack Race with our friends. We got to hop around and "race" with our friends!


The teacher  encouraged the children to craft sentences with the nouns 'Jiajia', 'Kaikai' and 'Lele' in them. Danielle said "Pandas eat bamboo like this!"




有些人说:“嘉嘉是这样吃竹子的。”  有些人说:“嘉嘉照顾叻叻。”

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